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Skyfin Token

Skyfin Token is an ERC20 token, minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, April 2021.

Only 1,000 Skyfin Tokens have been minted.
** There will never be more or less Skyfin Tokens.
** Skyfin Tokens will never be sold by the creator
    (unless they fetch huge amounts of money!) 
** Skyfins may be acquired by contests, sweepstakes, games,      competitions, prizes, treasure hunts, and rewards, only. 

As of 4/8/2021, all 1,000 SKYFs are held by the creator. 

In the future, Skyfin Tokens may be used to unlock functionality and content in games and virtual worlds.

 To acquire a Skyfin Token, contact the Creator

Contract Address: 0xceCc56c442790E3c43Eb33a3265eB3f7FFaC1c39
Creator:  @edannunziata [Twitter]

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